You're invited to the
the annual meeting of the
Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island

Guest Speaker: Dr. Chester Jackson

"Shoreline change for Jekyll Island:
Past, present and future"

The Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island is pleased to announce that Dr. Chester Jackson will be the guest speaker at its 2013 annual meeting. Dr. Jackson has developed an innovative software tool called “AMBUR,” which provides the means to assess historical shoreline change as well as technology to assist with forecasting shoreline dynamics along many global shoreline settings.  As part of his presentation, Dr. Jackson will discuss data generated from AMBUR analyses of Jekyll Island and provide the audience with both a 2D and 3D visual (as in virtual reality) perspective of the shoreline.   He will also discuss the potential future fate of the shoreline at various locations around the island.

Dr. Jackson is an Assistant Professor of Geology in the Department of Geology and Geography at Georgia Southern University and GSU’s Applied Coastal Research Lab located on the campus of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. His AMBUR software has received international attention and is being used at locations around the world to assess shoreline change and potential vulnerability to coastal hazards/processes such as erosion, storms and sea level change.


NOVEMBER 9, 2013
From 5:00 to 7:30 pm
Following Dr. Jackson's presentation,
IPJI will host a reception with food and drinks!


Days Inn and Suites
Jekyll Island

Please let us know if you are coming!

Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island