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Jekyll Island State Park: A Precious Little Gem
Leatherback returning to the sea
(Jekyll Island)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Shines Light on Jekyll Affordability Issue

Affordability and Jekyll Island State Park

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Shines Light on Jekyll Affordability Issues

What is affordable for your family vacation on Jekyll Island: IPJI Survey!
Opposition to Commercial Traffic on
Jekyll's Beach Continues to Grow
      Summary of IPJI Survey on the Westin's
Motorized Beach Services
Don't Tread on Jekyll's Beach Slideshow
Faith Chapel: The Pay to Pray' Controversy
What You Need to Know
Westin Drops Motorized
Beach Services Delivery!
Controversy: Motorized Beach Services on JI
Jekyll Under Fire Over Beach Access for Disabled:
Issues and Media Coverage
February 12, 2017
February 18, 2017
Environmentalists Push Back on Shore Protection Bill The News
IPJI  ALERT: Protect Jekyll's Beachfront!
February 18, 2017
Phase 2 - IPJI  ALERT: Protect Jekyll's Beachfront!
February 22, 2017
Action Alert 3: Update and Next Steps
Just in: Shore Protection Act May Be Gutted by Amendment
HB 271 Action Alert: Update and Next Steps
February 25, 2017
How to make a sand dune on the Georgia
coast disappear -  AJC: Political Insider
HB 271 - Letters to the Editor
March 5, 2017
Coastal scientists draw a line in the sand after new Shore Protection Act passes House
Savannah Morning News
March 23, 2017
'Shore Destruction' Bill Derailed