New Jekyll center showcases the Isles
The Brunswick News

It is a proud day for Jekyll Island. It is a proud day for Brunswick and the Golden Isles.

More precisely, it is a proud day for Georgia, and we're glad to have the state's chief executive - Gov. Nathan Deal - here to celebrate this historic occasion.

On Sunday, around 4 p.m., at a public event, Gov. Deal will share the honors in declaring the new Jekyll Island Convention Center officially open for business. There will be speeches, a ribbon-cutting and, for those who turn out, tours of Georgia's newest beachside feature.

A lot has already been written and said about the new Jekyll Island Convention Center. It is larger, grander and far more modern and versatile than its predecessor. As far as accommodations go, it is first-rate, from the front door to the back door.

Any company, group or organization looking to gather in a safe, green environment on the Atlantic Ocean need look no further than Jekyll Island and the new convention center. That includes the dance and cheerleading competitions that once graced this coastal community.

If you haven't seen your tax-dollars at work, then do so when you can. You won't be disappointed. The company in charge of construction and the Jekyll Island Authority have done a great job, and it shows in every room, in every bit of space.

Let's not forget those who helped sell the state - the taxpayers of Georgia via the General Assembly and governor - on this critical investment in tourism in the coastal economy. They include the likes of Reps. Jerry Keen and Roger Lane and Sen. Tommie Williams. The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce played a crucial role in keeping the flame lit, too, as did the Jekyll Island Authority, its director, Jones Hooks, and countless others.

Thank one and all for having a keen eye on the future and the courage and prudence to act.