Editorial: Authority right on point with plan
The Brunswick News
January 22, 2015

The Jekyll Island Foundation may have just outdone itself. It is taking on a $3.14 million makeover of the old Jekyll Island Museum.

It’s even changing the name of the museum, a proposal approved Tuesday by the board of the Jekyll Island Authority. The new name: The Jekyll Island Mosaic.

An ambitious plan, for sure, but one that is sorely, sorely needed and, to tell the truth, long overdue.

It brings the 21st century to a 20th century guidepost, one of the most important guideposts, in fact, on Jekyll Island. It is where visitors go to get an overview of the island’s natural and man-made history. It is where Americans from all over learn about the barrier island’s significance to the coast of Georgia and to the history of the United States. Projects proposed by the foundation include updating the way visitors are able to soak up information about the island and its past. Like other museums frequented by tourists and locals, the Jekyll Island Mosaic will offer stations where individuals can read and hear about what the island once was and what it is today.

The building itself, near the horse stables in the Jekyll Historic District, is slated for a grand facelift. Ideas center around making it something that is more inviting to enter and to stay for awhile.

It is today what it is, but the foundation wants to make it more. The goal, of course, is to draw more visitors and impart the kind of knowledge that will help them to understand why preserving the island, its natural and man-made elements, is so important.

The $3.14 million building renovation and exhibit expansion will fit nicely into the New Jekyll, with its new convention center, hotels and retail village. This community and the state in general are expecting bigger things out of the island, and recreating a facility that can tie it all together — the Jekyll Island Mosaic — is the smart thing to do. It will be the bridge that connects the island’s present to its past and the crow’s nest that will afford visitors a glimpse at its future.

We wish the Jekyll Island Foundation smooth sailing ahead as it solicits the funding it will need to complete its new voyage.