Hotel invests $2.8 million in Jekyll hotel
The Brunswick News
By Lindsey Atkinson
January 26, 2015

Florence Neville settled down by the fire in the lobby of the Beachview Club on Jekyll Island. It was familiar territory for the Canadian who has been coming to the island with her husband for the past 17 years. She loves the hotel and natural feel of the island itself.

“We just love it here,” she said. “We come down in January and usually stay until March.”

But soon, the hotel that’s become her American home-away-from-home will go through a transformation. That change will come in the form of a $2.8 million face-lift, which will update the look and feel of the longtime Jekyll establishment.

For her part, Rozell Hunt can’t wait for things to get started. The event sales coordinator and Jekyll resident is thrilled with the proposed design and upgrades.

“Here’s some of the tile they are talking about adding,” she said. “We’re going to be putting black granite with gold throughout the whole hotel. We’re going to be doing soaker tubs with steamers. I live right down the road, and I want to come stay here just for that,” she said with a laugh.

The last remodel was five years ago and now the 38-room hotel is under new ownership. Shan Pollachi and his wife bought the property, with the goal of refurbishing the location, that was constructed in the 1960s. “It’s actually his wife’s hotel. She’s the actual owner,” Hunt said. “But he owns hotels all over. He’s really great and I think it’s going to be just amazing when it’s done. We’re going to do low impact, just a little at a time, but it will go really fast because that’s what he does. I think it’s just going to be magnificent.”

Hotel manager Richard Dusellier agrees.

“We’re going to redo the front with new materials. We’re going to add a business center with computers and market place here gesturing to a corner of the lobby,” he said, gesturing to the corner of the lobby.

“In the marketplace, you will be able to get snacks and food, just little things like that,” Hunt added.

There will also be a new breakfast bar, cooking area and plenty of guest seating.

“We plan on adding cocktail hours too,” Hunt said. “And out back, we will add a tiki bar.”

The hotel is changing right along with the times. As the island’s new look begins to take shape with two new hotels, as well as the spring opening of Jeykll Island Beach Village, Hunt and Dusellier feel their property will fit right in.

“For the rooms, we’re going to cut out the scalloping on the balcony and put a rod there with indoor/outdoor curtains. It’s going to be like an oasis,” Hunt said. “Outside by the pool we’re going to have our tiki bar and all new furniture. We’re going to be keeping all natural beauty ... the landscaping and plants.”

The many brides who use the hotel as their wedding venue will benefit. Hunt, who oversees all of those occasions, says she’s creating a special room upstairs just for the bride-to-be and their guests.

“We have so many brides. I have 15 weddings already this year and I have 27 meetings scheduled,” she said. “We have different wedding packages and I really try to work with the brides, especially local brides. I want them to be able to get married here if they want to and we’ll work with them and their budget.”

As far as when the renovations will get underway, Hunt says materials are arriving daily. The work is set to begin soon.

“We’re just so excited. It’s really going to be something,” she said. “And once it’s all done, we’re going to have a big grand opening in March or early April.”

Reporter Lindsey Adkison writes about business and other local topics. Contact her at on Facebook or at 265-8320 ext. 346.