Editorial:Jekyll Island truly is a jewel
The Brunswick News
January 6, 2015

Jones Hooks, executive director of the Jekyll Island Authority, says the authority is ready for the openings of the new hotels and retail village at the beachfront on Jekyll.

He is optimistic about the island’s ability to draw conventions and tourists to the Georgia shoreline, both of which will be needed to support these new businesses.

He has plenty of reasons to be optimistic, including the fact that Jekyll Island is unique in so many ways. We like to consider it, for example, a perfect oasis for individuals and families to stop, catch their breath and rest in today’s often hectic, fast-paced world.

It’s a place to get away from it all, from the noise and daily distractions in life. It’s a place to get lost in nature and in all its variety and color. Even during the busy summer months, an individual is just a few steps to the south away from the crowd at the beach.

Jekyll Island is a place where one can rediscover himself or herself, a place where a young couple can talk about love or an older couple fall in love again. It’s a place where busy parents can reconnect with sons and daughters.

The Westin, the Holiday Inn Resort and retail village will add sparkle and fizz to life on Jekyll Island.

But it is the wholesome atmosphere of the barrier island itself that will bring people back time and again and get them talking about the wonders to be found here to friends, co-workers and family.

There are literally dozens and dozens of “Myrtle Beach” type atmospheres. You’ll find them most anywhere, even in the mountains in places like Gatlinburg, Tenn., or Cherokee, N.C. What you won’t find is another Jekyll Island.

Difficult to promote?

Not to those who value quality over quantity.