Should commercial vehicles be allowed on Jekyll's beach? The Jekyll Westin hotel, with its motorized delivery of beach services to its customers, apparently thinks so; coastal environmental groups, IPJI, and the Jekyll Island Citizens Association think not and have written letters to the Georgia Department of natural resources and the Jekyll Island Authority saying so. And, more than 95% of the 1,000+ people surveyed by IPJI on this issue object as well.

The JIA, which approved the W's beach driving business on a trial basis, has said it will conduct a thorough review of this year's trial run before deciding the future of this venture.

If you have an opinion on this issue, please participate in IPJI's two-question survey on the beach driving question. Survey results have been and will continue to be shared with the JIA, the Westin and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which issues beach driving permits.

Click on the links below to read letters of concern sent to the DNR and JIA:

Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island

Center for a Sustainable Coast

Glynn Environmetal Coalition

Jekyll Island Citizens Association

One Hundred Miles

State Representative Alex Atwood

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