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                                            Jekyll Bills Killed in Committee!

On February 28, 2008 the Senate’s Economic Development Committee killed legislation introduced by Senator Jeff Chapman (R -Brunswick) that would have prohibited development along the park’s remaining open beachfront and promoted Jekyll’s affordability for average income citizens.

The various questions raised by committee members about the bills could have been addressed, and the bills could have been amended accordingly, while still protecting the park’s landmark open beach and providing for an affordable Jekyll. Instead, a quick vote was taken and the bills died then and there.

Committee members were made aware of widespread public opposition to the beachside project yet voted against the Jekyll bills anyway.

Chaired by Sen. Chip Pearson (R – Dawsonville), the committee, in effect, cleared the way for the oceanfront development project proposed by Mercer Reynolds/Linger Longer Communities, allowing for the commercialization of Jekyll’s most popular public beach.

If you are among the thousands of Georgians who are angry because of the way the Jekyll bills were treated in Sen. Pearson’s committee, hold on to that anger and REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER WHO KILLED THE JEKYLL BILLS.


Chip Pearson  (R - Dawsonville) – did not vote but opposed the bills
    Office phone: 404 656 9221
Joseph Carter  (R - Tifton)
    Office phone: 404 651 7738

George Hooks   (D - Americus) – voted against two of the bills
    Office phone: 404 656 0065
Bill Jackson  (R - Appling)
    Office phone: 404 656 5114
Jeff Mullis  (R - Chickamauga)
    Office phone:  404 656 0057
Jack Murphy  (R - Cumming)
    Office phone: 404 656 7127

Chip Rogers  (R - Woodstock)
    Office phone: 404 463 1378
Nancy Schaefer  (R - Turnersville)
     Office phone: 404 463 1367

                                                          WHO VOTED “YES?”

Robert Brown  (D - Macon)
    Office phone: 404 656 5035

Ed Tarver   (D - Augusta)
     Office phone: 404 656 0340