The Jekyll Island Authority has the opportunity to become a distinctive leader in vacation/ leisure by designing a different development concept that is unique, lovely, and a true-to-nature state park; that would solve both the pressing financial needs of the authority and address the stated concerns of the citizenry. This new approach would place the intrinsic value of Jekyll as the development goal and by doing so create a greater more sustainable financial reward for the long term: a win-win.

What is currently under design and construction by the JIA consists of a standard mall/ resort development package designed with an emphasis on densely packed, expensive, large mass buildings and high rises. This design model is ubiquitous, passé and aggressive, lending itself to long-term devaluation, and consequently losing the inherent, natural value of the island by overwhelming the beauty, history and grace of the region. Additionally, this design approach is dull, lacking any sense of simplistic rustic elegance that the island was known for in it’s hay-day. In a poor economy and in an environment that citizens increasingly pressure developers for lovely and natural escapes, a focus such as this, in a market already glutted with passé resort standards, has a great chance of failure.

In it’s hay-day Jekyll embodied an elegant, rustic, simple environment with a low-key footprint, whose visitors carried a sense of appreciation for nature and adventure with a minimal impact.

At www.anotherjekllconcept.blogspot.com you’ll find a unique approach to developing a lovely, visionary, and true-to-nature state park that honors the best of Jekyll, meeting the concerns of the citizenry and betters the financial sustainability, for the JIA, over a longer period of time. The purpose of this blog is to open up a discussion to achieve a win-win for both sides of the issue. It may not be the perfect answer but is an example of a far more sustaining and successful approach. Find out how this new concept can make Jekyll Island a visionary project for the future.