The Jekyll Island Conservation Plan Committee has announced a change in schedule for the completion of the Conservation Plan (CP) and for the next and final public meeting:

  • A revised draft of the CP will be made public on March 7, not February 16 as originally planned.
  • The public forum scheduled for February 23 has been moved to March 25. The meeting will be in Magnolia Hall at the Jekyll Island Historic Convention Campus from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
  • Public input will be accepted until April 1, after which time a final draft of the CP will be produced, reviewed once more by the CP Committee, and then sent to the Jekyll Island Authority Board of Directors for consideration.

Public comments about the current draft CP will be posted on the JIA’s website on February 18.

IPJI extends its thanks to the citizens who took the time to share their views with the CP Committee and to the Center for a Sustainable Coast, Glynn Environmental Coalition, Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Environment Georgia for their constructive critiques of the CP and encouragement of their members to participate in the CP review process. The amount and depth of input provided to the CP Committee by individual citizens and concerned organizations no doubt played a role in the Committee’s decision to take more time to revise the draft CP and to provide more opportunity for public review of the final version of the Plan.

IPJI will be contacting its members as well as representatives of the Georgia environmental community once the next draft of the CP is released. Further and close review of the CP will be necessary at that time, particularly with respect to how the revised CP deals with the deficiencies that have been noted in the current Plan. Our goal is to help ensure that the Jekyll Island State Park Conservation Plan stands as a model of how to preserve and protect public land while providing opportunities for citizens to experience and better appreciate nature’s wonders.

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