by g. forest

Sun’s globular entrance,
framed with wind shaped withered trees,
     capture my imagination.
Focus on a single wave expires
  With rhythmic pounding of surf
  On sand, on shore.
Oh, those waves….
Shimmering, luring, inviting walks
A traverse thru Glynn’s Marsh.

We erect barriers, buffers
All the while calculating how many
Ocean birds drown at Sea.
We drown so many different ways
As we wander amid these lands
Stretching mountains to the sea
Giving forth, establishing our bona fides.

Waves yet endure in their brevity
Reused recycled reconstituted time & time again.
They capture us in time to see the
Early morning dance of shrimp boats
   their captains and their crews, just offshore
These Golden Isles we once so dearly knew.

Copyright 2004 g forest hargett

Photo by Greg Lowery