The article, "Making the most of Jekyll," linked below is from the July issue of Georgia Trend magazine. Its author, Bill Crane, is a former JIA consultant, who, back in 2008, marketed the case for further development of Jekyll Island, the Linger Longer Communities beachfront project in particular. Then, as in the article below, he favored commercializing public space within the state park: “JIA spokesperson Bill Crane, in denying the necessity of Jekyll’s beachfront parking lots, stated that, ‘To put surface lots [there] is a waste of that land. It would be more desirable for hotels, retail space, and residences.’” [Tifton Gazette, January 4, 2008].

Now, Crane is suggesting closing one of Jekyll’s 18-hole golf courses to create more “green space” and replacing the nine-hole Great Dunes course with “new residences and attractions.” 

As you will see, Mr. Crane badly misrepresents and slanders Jekyll residents as he makes his case for "making the most of Jekyll."

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