Record of the Jekyll Island State Park Authority (JISPA) Board Meeting of 11 May 2009, in the Convention Center, as recorded for JICA

(Note: IPJI has placed some text in "bold" type for emphasis and has clarified some statements)

In addition to Chairman Bob Krueger, present at the meeting were Mike Hodges, Sybil Lynn, Buddy DeLoach, RIchard Royal and JIA Executive Director Jones Hooks; attending by phone were Ben Porter and Steve Croy.  In his opening remarks Mr. Krueger announced that the Finance Committee would meet at 11:00 in Room 9 to receive an update from BAG on their progress in the Analysis of Alternative Residential Leasing Policies, Gary Mongeon will be the presenter.



Conservation Manager Christa Frangiamore made a brief, but informative presentation regarding a rare ecological association that has been found on Jekyll Island and confirmed by the GA DNR.  In an area on the south east quadrant of the Island (approximately 500 feet due west of the Soccer Complex) a Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain Carolina Willow Dune Swale has been identified.  Ms. Frangiamore distributed photos showing the swale and emerging swamp, the carolina willows growing in the area, a rose mallow (a variety of hibiscus grandiflora) and a blue dasher dragonfly.  This confluence of features for a rare association that has also been found on two other Georgia coastal islands.


Briefly stated, while over all revenues are down 4% YTD, Summer Waves, minature golf and the Georgia Sea Turtle helped mitigate losses.  Personnel cuts and reduced personnel hours effectively contained expenditures well below budget forecasts.

The committee recommended approval to extend the current lease for the Historic Wharf for three additional years.


-There were no reports from both committees


Senior Marketing Manager Eric Garvey detailed a number of initiatives taken with success to attract visiting groups that have not been to Jekyll Island in recent years including among others, the Georgia Rotarians, Harley Davidson group and the Georgia Lions Clubs. Garvey noted the appearance May 4, of Dr. Terry Norton, GSTC Director in a live TV broadcast of the Weather Channel from Jekyll Island.  Garvey also mentioned that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was addressing a federal  conference on financial markets being held at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel this morning (5/9/09).

In a generally upbeat report, Garvey also reported that Summer Waves had a successful opening  this weekend under very warm skies to a swarm of visitors.


Chairman Krueger recognized J.D. Dell Managing Senior Director for Trammel Crow to provide an update on their revitalization plans for the island properties they lease.

Dell announced that as of last week, the Patton Group, would no longer be a part of the development plans for the vacant, former Georgia Coastal Inn property.  As a result of this T-C has decided to combine the old Buccaneer property and the Georgia Coastal Inn property into one contiguous 15 acre development.  According to Dell, this will enable T-C to lower the overall density of the proposed development and improved it's esthetics.  Specifically it will eliminate the need for a parking structure on the beachfront which many found objectionable.  He said the company was eager to have something available within 90 days.

Dell was questioned from the audience if T-C would build the new facilities to the Silver LEED standard which had been the case with the Canopy Bluff project.  While J.D. did not reply affirmatively, he said that T-C was committed to using 'Green" technology and standards throughout the project and that stakeholders would be pleased with the outcome.  In response to a second question, Dell said there were no plans to remove any additional trees.  Plans to retain certain trees and relocate others will remain the same, although some trees being transplanted may be moved in a different manner.  Dell was confident that the increased acreage would have a positive effect on the proposed development.


A meeting for public input on the proposed pet ordinance will be held on May 11, at 2PM in Room 9 of the Convention Center.  The second reading for the pet ordinance is June 8.


Diamond back terrapin nesting boxes are in the process of being installed on the Musgrove Causway.  It is hoped that the boxes will provide the terrapins with a desirable nesting site and discourage them from crossing the road.

Summer Waves successfully completed it's opening weekend yesterday ringing up sales that exceeded $14, 000. Sales were up in all categories; season passes, daily tickets, seniors, children etc.  The facility will be closed this week and open again on the weekend and remain open until closing in September.

Letters have gone out on schedule to all residential leaseholders to initiate the 10 year lease renewal requirement.  The response has been excellent with 403 of 620 responding.  Steps are being taken to track down the missing responses.  If you have not received a letter or have questions, contact the Authority offices.

The shopping center Pottery Guild Annex in the space vacated by Jekyll Realty is now open and has attracted numerous visitors and shoppers.  It was not surprising to learn that many visitors were unaware that the Pottery Guild sold their creations or that they were located in the basement of Goodyear Cottage.  Mr. Hooks noted that volunteer artisans Bonnie Newell and Tony Cerrato were most helpful and instrumental in the progress of the project.

A memo of understanding has been reached with the GA Dept. of Transportation for completion of the third phase of the bike path in the south east quadrant of the Island.  Funding will be provided by a "T" grant and matching funds from the JIA.

Hooks announced that this year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Georgia/Florida Golf Classic and beginning this year all registrations will be handled on line.  Letters will be sent to all past participants advising them to register electronically.

Meeting continue to be held with the DNR and Four H Center for plans to improve the facilities at the Tidelands Nature Center.

Chairman Krueger thanked the Authority staff for the Segway tour trail ride.  He said it was very interesting.

The Committee Meetings were adjourned at approximately 10:30PM

The Jekyll Island Authority Board re-convened at 10:45 PM

Actions taken were; approval of the April 20, Board Meeting minutes; approval of the April 20 JIA Committee Meeting minutes and approval of the Historic Wharf Agreement.

The meeting adjourned at 10:48

Notes submitted by Frank Mirasola