As you know, recently we issued a Request For Information (RFI) for the purpose of gathering any and all available information that may be useful in our review and possible revision of the Jekyll Island Master Plan. Please allow me to provide you with additional information regarding the purpose of the RFI and this process.

The RFI is an additional step in the normal Master Planning process and the very first step.  As with most Master Planning efforts, you can expect the Jekyll Island update to be quite lengthy and involved.  While an RFI typically results in formal submissions of relevant studies, reports, surveys or other documented materials from professional or other organizations, I want to assure you that we are interested in receiving comments and input from any individual, group or persons as part of this initial effort.

Again, the RFI that has been announced is an attempt to gather as much information available for review as a first step in the overall Master Plan process. If you submit information in response to RFI 266, you will receive an acknowledgment that your information was received.  In addition, comments and suggestions will be included in the Master Plan process as best as we can. Once a consulting team is selected to work with the JIA on the Master Plan update, all comments and materials received through the RFI process will be shared with the consulting team.  At the conclusion of the RFI process, a summary of comments/materials received will be developed and made available. As always, all written documents, studies and comments received by the JIA will
be available in their entirety to the public.

It is not our expectation that specific work items for the Master Plan update will be produced as a result of this RFI.  Instead, this exercise should provide a more defined scope of work for the development of a Jekyll Island Master Plan update.  Once a recommendation is developed to bring the Master Plan project forward, we will share those plans with you.  A public engagement process will be part of that effort.  As part of any plan update, there will be many opportunities for the public to be involved, provide input and stay informed.

Thank you for your on-going interest in Jekyll Island and support for keeping Jekyll Island a unique public beach community. Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding this initial step in public engagement. The Jekyll Island Authority is listening, open and interested in
what you have to say.

Jones Hooks, Executive Director
Jekyll Island Authority

Click here for RFI 266 and supporting documents:

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