Marsh along Clam Creek areaMarsh (top of photo) heading south from Clam Creek and fishing pierMarsh northward toward fishing pierMarsh opposite Horton HouseMarsh along road to Jekyll Marina and Riverview Drive SouthMarsh to the south of Summer Waves Water ParkMarsh along Riverview Drive South
It is a physical impossibility for nearly all of Jekyll's tidal marsh to be untouched by water (dry) at high tide, yet a recently displayed JIA map for the new Master Plan for Jekyll Island portrays virtually the entire marsh as part of the dry land area of the island that’s eligible for development. As expected, aerial and ground level photos show the vast majority of the marsh is actually under water (wet, not dry) at the time of a normal high tide. Tidal marsh that is under water at high tide can’t be counted as part of Jekyll's land area when applying the state law limiting development to 35% of the island's land area that lies above water at mean high tide. That’s the law!

Aerial photos by James Holland, retired Altamaha Riverkeeper

Ground photos by David Kyler, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainainable Coast

IPJI note: James Holland and David Kyler have been stalwart advocates for protection of Jekyll Island State Park.
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