The Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island State Park

Who We Are and What We Stand for

The Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island State Park (IPJI) was founded in September of 2006 as a means of sampling public opinion on Jekyll’s redevelopment and of allowing the island’s many friends to work together to help preserve the park and shape its future. An all-volunteer, non-profit association with a modest beginning, IPJI has grown to over 10,000 supporters representing more than 350 towns and cities in Georgia, forty-nine states, and twelve countries.  Winner of three prestigious awards over the past several years, IPJI has become a model for effective civic action.

IPJI is engaged in a wide range of educational activities, research and advocacy in support of its primary mission, which is to preserve Jekyll Island’s unspoiled qualities and unique characteristics.  In fulfillment of its mission, IPJI is developing and supporting initiatives to:

  • Ensure a prominent role for citizen input in shaping the future of Jekyll Island State Park.

  • Uphold state the law limiting development of Jekyll Island State Park.

  • Redevelop Jekyll’s aging oceanfront accommodations, staying within existing footprints and honoring the State Park’s affordability mandate.

  • Limit new development on Jekyll’s beachfront  -- keep the open beach open!

  • Protect Jekyll’s recreational facilities from encroachment by private development.

  • Require all new commercial development on Jekyll Island to meet green building standards equal to or higher than those specified by the United States Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED’s) silver standard.

  • Showcase Jekyll’s natural rhythms, beauty and grace as a means of promoting island-sustaining, nature-based tourism.

  • Implement a comprehensive Conservation Plan to manage the island’s natural resources and protect its environmentally sensitive areas.

Jekyll Island State Park ranks among America’s premier public lands. IPJI is proud to play a role in the island's preservation and protection.  We invite all who are supportive of our mission to join IPJI – membership is free, the benefits are everlasting.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.”  ~ Native American Proverb