The Jekyll Island Authority, at its May 21st meeting approved the schematic drawings and design for the proposed condominiums at the Jekyll Harbor Marina to be called "The Moorings."

The Jekyll Island Conservation Plan mandates that  "All projects... that have the potential to affect natural systems on Jekyll Island must undergo a review to assess the potential environmental impacts. Each proposed project must demonstrate that it does not compromise the ability to preserve, maintain, manage, and restore Jekyll Island’s natural communities and species diversity." The review is called and Environmental Assessment Procedure Review. The review of The Moorings project raises concerns about the vulnerability of the site to sea level rise and flooding as well as the possibilty of toxic material that was deposited on the site from material dredged from the Marina area some years ago. The site plan calls for filling the wetlands on the site, however no mention of that was made in the review.

The Environmental Assessment Procedure is in section 07, page 69 of the Conservation Plan.

Click here to read the JIA's Report summarizing the findings of the Environmental Assessmeny Procedure Committee considering the condo development concept proposed for Jekyll Harbor Marina, known as “The Moorings."