Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island
FALL 2013
New Master Plan to Shape Jekyll's Future: ACTION ALERT!

After nearly two years of work, a draft of the updated 1996 Master Plan is now available for public review. If you care about Jekyll Island’s future, please make your views known regarding the revised Master Plan by writing to

General questions to consider when commenting:
What do you consider to be Jekyll Island’s most important attributes?
Does the Master Plan (MP) offer appropriate/sufficient steps to preserve and protect those attributes? If not, what’s missing?
How do you feel about the MP’s proposal to amend the state law limiting development of Jekyll Island?

Key features of the MP:
Abolition of the 65-35 law: The MP proposes to replace the 1971 state law restricting development to 35% of the land area of Jekyll Island that is above water (dry) at mean high tide with a statute limiting development to a maximum of 1,675 acres, which is 66 acres above the JIA’s newly defined 1,609-acre development footprint. Forty-six of those acres would be limited to infrastructure, public safety and recreational projects; 20 acres would be set aside for unrestricted use.