New Limit Set for Development of Jekyll Island

In March, the Georgia General Assembly passed a bill replacing the so-called 65/35 law (1971) limiting development to 35% of Jekyll Island’s land area with legislation mandating that not more than 1,675 acres of the total land area of Jekyll Island may be developed.  According to the new law, 1597 acres of the island have already been developed, leaving 78 acres of previously untouched land eligible for development, 20 of which may be used for commercial or residential purposes.

Representatives of IPJI were heavily involved in the year-long review of the 65-35 issue and in the negotiations that led to the compromise upon which the new legislation is based. After fully exploring all the options, IPJI’s board voted to support the proposed legislation, which has now been signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. 

For details on this complex and important decision, click here.

April 14, 2014: Law limiting development of Jekyll Island
signed by Governor Deal at Great Dunes Park.