Recommendation 4-G: Expand efforts to educate the public about endangered bird species that nest on the island, and take further steps to prevent human traffic from interfering with bird nesting success

An important conservation goal for the state park should be to protect the endangered bird species that nest and rest on Jekyll Island.  This would include, but not be limited to, the endangered plovers that nest on the beaches at the island’s south end, and the wood storks that nest in the area of the amphitheatre.  Handouts to all visitors entering the park; additional and more strongly worded signage near nesting areas; and limits on the degree of proximity achievable by visitors to wood stork nests are among the steps could be taken to protect bird nesting habitats and rest areas.

- By Dr. Steven Y. Newell, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia/former Director of Marine Institute at Sapelo Island [], and Mindy Egan, Co-Director, the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island []