BACKGROUND: Six years ago, the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) updated Jekyll’s Master Plan, which is the island’s governing document and the source of official policy. At that time, the vast majority of Jekyll’s visitors did not even know that Jekyll had a Master Plan, let alone that it was being revised and that the update process included a place for public opinion. Only when the implications of the development projects recommended in the updated Master Plan became clear did people begin to become involved, learning then how plans for the new Jekyll Island came about.

Public Participation: On June 30, 2010, the Jekyll Island Authority issued a Request for Information that will assist in revising and refining the Jekyll Island Master Plan. As was the case with the 2004 Master Plan Update, the Request for Information (RFI) is supposed to serve as the public’s opportunity to submit suggestions, opinions and information relevant to the Master Plan review.  Initially,The JIA did not publicly announce that it is seeking information to help with the Master Plan update, other than listing the RFI on its website and that of the Georgia Procurement Office.  On July 28, 2010 the JIA issued a series of public notices clarifying the place of public input in the Master Plan process and encouraging people to respond to the RFI. The JIA's Communications Office reported that due to an oversight on its part public notices were not sent out at the time the RIF was issued. To read more, click here.

To read the Request for Information, prior Master Plans and supporting documents, click here.

LET’S GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME: Many of you who have joined IPJI have said that you’re willing to help preserve Jekyll’s unique character and natural beauty. Well, now’s your chance. Please take advantage of the opportunity provided by the RFI to comment on any or all of the following issues regarding the Master Plan update.  Remember, if the JIA is to do its job responsibly, the park’s friends and patrons must make their views known. The JIA needs to hear from you!

  • The definitions of the terms “developed” and “undeveloped” land in relation to the legal requirement that no more than 35% of Jekyll Island can be developed – this issue is vital, for without a reasonable definition of these two terms, Jekyll’s 65/35 law cannot be upheld.
  (Click here for the Master Plan's current definitions of these terms.)
  • The proper place of public involvement in the planning process and in determining Jekyll Island State Park’s best future
  • The priority that should be assigned to public beach access and the affordability of Jekyll’s accommodations, amenities and recreational facilities
  • The commercial interests and needs of the island, including the scale and type of economic development and redevelopment – bear in mind here that the JIA must be financially self-sustaining
  • The operation and management of Jekyll’s public amenities, including the possibility of privatizing control of key facilities and amenities
  • The conservation of Jekyll’s natural assets and preservation of wildlife habitats, including the yet to be completed Jekyll Island Conservation Plan
  • The further development and promotion of nature-based tourism and environmental education opportunities.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Responses to the RFI may be of any length  and may cover any aspect of one or more of the subjects listed above as well as any other issues you feel are important to the Master Plan.  All comments are welcome however, detailed comments with specific examples will carry more weight than general ones. It would be helpful in this regard to look at the first eight pages of the 1996 Master Plan, the recommendations on pages 13-17, and the three-page 2004 Master Plan Update before responding.

Submittals may be posted in the RFI comments box below or can be emailed directly to IPJI at All entries sent to IPJI will be hand-delivered to the Authority. They may also be sent directly to the JIA by postal mail: Jim Broadwell, Jekyll Island Authority, 100 James Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527.

Submittals are due prior to 5:00p.m., Friday, September 17, 2010.

The RFI is available on the website of the Georgia Procurement Office and the Jekyll Island Authority.


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