House Bill 271 Redfines Sand Dune Gutting the
Iconic Shore Protection Act

There is an attempt in the Georgia House of Representatives (House Bill 271) to gut the Shore Protection Act (SPA) by changing the legal definition of “sand dunes.” That definition is important because the SPA’s jurisdictional area is, in part, defined in HB 271 as being 25-feet from the landward-most dune.  If approved, the proposed change would, in some cases, artificially move the dune line toward the ocean and remove more coastal property from SPA’s jurisdiction. Simply plant vegetation on a dune or in a dune filed and it's no longer defined as a sand dune! Click on the image below to see how the definition of sand dune has been changed. [underlined text indicates new wording for the definition of sand dune].
Click here to read the amendment.

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