The Jekyll Island Authority issued the following statement to inform the public of its committment to the protection and preservation of trees and other vegetation impacted by the construction of the Jekyll Island Town Center:

As part of its mission to preserve and conserve the natural resources of Jekyll Island, the Jekyll Island Authority has engaged in an aggressive and massive transplantation and reuse program to include as much landscape material and vegetation as possible. In addition to professional transplantation efforts, residents and area citizens were encouraged to become involved in the reclamation process by removing small shrubs, grasses and pavers prior from the shopping centers and convention center prior to the beginning of full scale demolition. In addition to reuse, these efforts ultimately resulted in less materials being disposed in area landfills. 

Over the past two weeks, the JIA has relocated trees to various points on the island as part of our revitalization landscaping.  Trees relocated included 32 large live oaks and many palms at a cost of over $300,000.  All the relocated trees have been admitted into a 5 year aftercare program at a cost of an additional $50,000. Trees that may receive some damage during construction will also be tended to by a certified arborist for 5 years at a cost of $34,000. 

Palms being removed from Convention Center site for preservation and relocation.
Trees relocated from the Convention Center to the
Golf Course along Captain Wylly Rd.
Palms relocated to area just south of the Oceanside Inn and Suites.
Palms relocated for preservation at the Jekyll Island Greenhouse.